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Starting TRO self training, using TROg Bar, Outlook, and Blackberry.  I've made it through the preparation phase and decided to do the 1 day training soon (this week, hopefully).  However, I had some time on Saturday and was eager to begin so I read through Chapter 4 - Collecting Points.  I stopped counting when I hit 77 on the Collecting Points Worksheet.  I always knew I was a disorganized pack-rat, but WOW, this really hit home as I thought of all the collecting points.  No wonder I have been so stressed for so long!  As such, I'm tackling my insanely messy and essentially unusable home office.  These pictures are horrifying, but I must post them to compare to the other's I've seen in this forum.  I'm tackling my portion of my home office as well as several GTD-like areas on my main computer (email, OneNote, NeatWorks, and file system).  I'll describe these in more detail later as I am also attempting to go mostly digital.

Hopefully, others as desperate as me will be encouraged after seeing my before and after photos.  So, here it goes.... (and please wish me luck!!!)


  • This is great! I'm really looking forward to seeing the transition.

    Electronic filing (Windows/Mac OSX) works using the same methods as the physical filing (taught in your TRO training), but many people just create specific folders for major projects or clients and then one big Miscellaneous folder. Then they rely on Google Desktop (Windows) or Spotlight (Mac) to locate documents. Over-organizing when filing is a time waster since we tend to file frequently and retrieve infrequently.

    Keep us posted with your after pictures and beyond. :-)
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