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Here is my accountability thread, beginning with before" pictures of my home office (see separate replies, below).



  • My main work desk. The two monitors are displays for desktop, which is on the floor to the left of the desk. My inbox is below the second monitor; to the right of that is a NAS device and to the left of that is phone, cable modem, switch, and a scanner I use to scan reference documents to Evernote.

    Also on the work surface are my Kindle (use that for work reading -- I'm a professor and so read and write a lot of the time), the wireless headset I use for speech recognition (I frequently dictate using DragonNaturallySpeaking when teaching online), my work laptop (with VPN to our work network -- can't do that via my desktop), stapler and tape.
  • My secondary desk -- don't use it for much right now.

    The red thing is a "book pillow" I use to prop up books or Kindle when I read; I use that all the time. I also store books that I'm teaching or reading right now no the desk and also have heapohones there, some gadget chargers (to the left side of the desk -- can't see in this pic), and a UPS unit.

    There is junk in the lefthand shelf space and top right shelf and external hard drives and another NAS in the righthand bottom shelf.

    On the floor inbetween the two desks are my computer, an external drive enclosure, and a couple of more UPSes.
  • Bookshelf about second desk. Academic journals, binders from conferences and training, books about teaching and learning, writing reference books.

  • Main work surface.
  • Rest of main work surface, including inbox.
  • Work laptop and main file cabinet -- all reference files.
  • Main file cabinet just to the right of primary desk.  The bottom drawer contains old files that I don't necessarily need to reference -- and I couldn't if I wanted to because the drawer is blocked by the battery chargers that I keep on the floor (I do lots of flash-intensive digital imaging and so have lots of batteries charging at any time...)
  • Top of main file cabinet. I keep my glasses here, watch when I take it off, labeler, a clock/white noise machine, asthma medicine, hairbrush, kleenex, and a couple of gadgets -- wifi receiver for laptop and wireless video transmitter to move video from cable box/PVR under desk to TV in master bedroom.
  • The closet in my homeoffice has ceiling-to-floor shelves. On the floor is a secondary file cabinet with old financial records. On it and on the shelf above are coffee-making supplies (only I drink coffee in the household and so that stuff stays out of the kitchen), and a lot of misc stuff -- boxes of documents that need to be collected, software CDs that need to be filed, various computer cables, pictures that were once up on the walls but aren't any more, a keyboard I use when entering setup on my computer (the wireless one on my desk doesn't work well for that), etc.  There's quite a bit of junk here to throw out!
  • Lots of junk on and below the closet shelving.

  • More closet shelves. The big canvas bag is camera equipment; ideally, I'd like to move it from a shelf to the floor below those shelves -- but other stuff is in the way now!
  • More of the closet. On the top right of the picture are a bunch of framing supplies that I'd like to box up and get out of my office.

  • More closet. Coffee-making equipment and, above, misc. software CDs and manauals.

  • Those upper shelves are mainly unused right now.
  • Lots of wires and powerstrips in the closet -- and even more under the main desk and behind the desktop!
  • Lots of junk on the floor of the equipment -- astronomy flashlight/power source that I charge there, boxes of documents from the first time I tried to implement GTD on my own <G>, old artwork, old briefcases and bags, etc.
  • Bookshelves on far wall of office. Mainly academic texts, although there are a couple of shelves of novels that I want to get out of my office.

  • More of the bult-in bookshelves. Lots of curios and decorations in the corner shelves.
  • Shelves under secondary desk. Computer equipment on floor and on bottom shelf to the right.
  • Impenetrable thicket of wires and cables on floor behind and around desktop.
  • Cable box, PVR, video transmitter, another UPS, more wires under right hand side of main desk.
  • I like to cover my walls with art and pictures. (Sorry for the bad orientation -- I just used my cellphone to take these pictures..)
  • More art and pictures.
  • Diplomas, pictures, and awards  above main desk.
  • Door to hallway -- my office is at the end of the hall, above our garage.
  • Main desk area from the doorway.
  • Comfy reading chair, both desks, main file cabinet. The bookshelves are built to the wall opposite the main desk.
  • Comfy reading chair in corner next to academic bookshelves.
  • Thanks for posting these where we can all see them. I'm looking forward to connecting to coach you when you reach the Deferring chapter. I'll review all of your setup to that point (desk trays, files, tools, etc.), then look carefully at your categories/tags. It's very important to get those right. Last, we'll set up your strategic calendar and portable office as time allows.

    It may sound like a lot, but we can cover a fair amount in a hour of coach time when you've already trained up to the point with the Online Training...
  • Sounds good, Kevin, and thanks.

    I'm especially excited to get your expert help about establishing the best possible set of tags and categories for Toodledo because I know that will make a big practical difference every day.

    I'm also pleased that you have enough expertise to get so much accomplished in an hour or coaching -- impressive!

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