Tasks not updating since most recent update

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Since the last update, when I enter a new task, it shows up in the Unprocessed Tasks count, but when I click the link or go to Unprocessed Tasks, it says 0 tasks.  Also, when I process a task for a Do On date of Today, it does not show up in the Do Today list.

I'm using Outlook 2003 on XP.  I have tried quitting and re-launching Trog Bar, Outlook, and even my PC.  No luck.

Thanks for your help.


  • I assume that you have beta features enabled.

    Does the empty list say, "Trog Bar hasn't finished indexing your tasks. Please be patient. Trog will try to index your most important tasks first."?

    If so, you'll just need to wait a minute. One of the new beta features is an index that makes everything faster. Trog has to build this index but if you keep closing and reopening Trog Bar, it isn't going to make any progress.

    Under the task list you should see something that says "Preparing to Update Index" or something similar. After a minute this will change to "Updating Index" with a count. You can use this to review the progress of the indexing.
  • Thanks for the reply. That's not it though. Indexing is on, but it runs in about 5 seconds. The message I see when I filter on Unprocessed indicates I have no unprocessed tasks. Also, thisorning I noticed that my Do Today list is not showing all my tasks that are scheduled for today. I turned off Beta Features and all lists work correctly. So, ultimately it may have something to do with indexing, but not that it's still running and I just need to be patient. Something is broken.
  • A few questions.

    1. Can you identify any patterns for which tasks or emails are not showing? (for example, all records from a specific folder or set of folders?)
    2. Are you using Exchange Server?
    3. How many tasks/emails do you have? (ballpark estimate)
    4. Is email support enabled, or disabled?
    5. Have you changed your folder options since installing the latest update?
  • Having a similar problem with Tasks mark to bo done today not all showing up in my "Do Today" list since the latest update. Does not seem to be a pattern I can detect.
    Don't use Exchange
    About 100 tasks
    Email support enabled
  • Hi, in response to your questions:

    1) I noticed this morning that it properly shows in the Do Today list and tasks that have a do on date prior to today.  Anything for today doesn't show up.  As for the Unprocessed List, it seems to be any and all emails that I put in my [Action] folder.  They are only recognized if I close and re-launch Trog
    2) Using Exchange
    3) About 400
    4) Email support enabled
    5) No changes to folder options
  • Awesome. Thank you both for your answers. I have a much better idea where to look now. I'll most likely need a tiny bit more information (current settings), but this will get me started.

    Brendten, just to clarify, is it BOTH problems, or just the Unprocessed list, that get fixed by a restart?
  • Just the Unpricessed list is fixed by a restart.
  • Any way to roll back to previous versions. This latest update is too buggy for my taste
  • Disabling beta features in this case is roughly equivalent to rolling back a couple of versions. Other than that, we do have an archive of installers for old versions, but you'd have to disable automatic updates as well, or you'll get automatically updated to the latest version again. You can go to www.priacta.com/trog/history.php to see the history, and download old versions.
  • I am having the same problem.  It says I have nine unprocessed tasks but only five are visible after restarting (none were viewable before.) 
  • You can work around this temporarily by disabling beta features.
  • Any timeline on a fix for the "Do Today" tasks not showing up? I use Natural Project Management which requires Preview features.
  • Yes. This has been a primary focus of the current round of changes.

    We have likely found and addressed the cause of your missing Do Today tasks. (Hard to know for certain, since you didn't notice a patern, but we DID fix a bug that has exactly the symptoms you described.)

    The issues reported with Unprocessed tasks have been harder. We've invested huge amounts of time in this problem and it's turned up some interesting things. We still don't have a complete handle on the situation though, and some of the things people have describe still haven't been reproduced. In fact, our inability to fully reproduce this problem has been one of the reasons the current release cycle is taking so long. We're pounding things, fixing adjacent issues, and holding out hope that we will either find the problem, or fix it by attrition.

    One interesting thing that we have discovered recently is that the OLD "unprocessed tasks" filter (the one used to determine the count, and used by Trog Bar if beta features are NOT enabled) is slightly broken. Another interesting discovery was that Outlook can fail to return matching items for no reason whatsoever (I.E. a bug of some sort in Outlook.)

    We can readily account for several types of differences between the unprocessed count and the displayed list (and we've fixed the relevant bugs). However, we still can't account for (or reproduce) an empty list, with a large count, with known unprocessed tasks missing, and where the problem would persist after a restart. Since those are the symptoms described in the original post, at this point I'd say at least one bug remains unconfirmed and unresolved, but we're still working on it.
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