Trog Categories do not appear in Outlook?

When I create a category in Trog, this is not replicated in Outlook.   When I create a category in Outlook it does appear in Trog.  

Is this proper for Trog?    It would mean that I would be better off ignoring the 'add categories' window in a Trog task.   The categories should be add in Outlook for full cross functionality.    Why then would I want to add a category solely in Trog?

Using Vista 64, Outlook 2007,  Trog w/o beta and w/o preview activated.



  • Yes, these are NOT mirrored to the Outlook Master Categories list, because this is potentially slightly dangerous (Outlook didn't handle this list very well, and while reading is easily safe, writing is more problematic.) If you need the categories to be in the Outlook Master Categories list, you should add them in Outlook.
  • OK.  So I tried to "remove" (from the Categories drop down) categories that were add by Trog bar.    Nothing happens.  There are tasks that have been assigned the trog categories...

    My goal was to add new categories in outlook then use  those in trog bar.

    The categories are named differently so that is not the issue.

    How do I remove categories in Trog?
  • I just tried this and it works for me. Most likely we're doing something different, or we have different expectations.

    1. What did you do (exact steps and button clicks)
    2. What did you expect to have happen
    3. How was the actual result different from your expectation
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