Calendar Setting

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Just updated to the newest Trog Bar version, however when I try to set my Outlook Calendar as the "Main Calendar" in Profiles and Folders, it keeps reverting to "Extra Calendar". The result being that I can see my appt in the Trog Bar top Calendar window, but when I expand the pop out calendar, none of my appts are there. Tried to set it several times and restarted as well, but same problem keeps showing up.


  • You can only have one "main" calendar, and all others are extras. If you set two calendars in the list as the main calendar, Trog will use the first as the main calendar, and the others as extras.

    To select a different main calendar, change the current main calendar to an "extra" calendar, and set the new calendar to be your main calendar.

    We'll consider ways to design this interface better. The current behavior is not very clear.
  • Thanks-sorry. Just noticed after I posted that I had another calendar mistakenly assigned as "Main Calendar"
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