Losing Database Connection When Outlook Closes

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I have noticed that when I close Outlook 2003, I need to restart TROG. I just did it again after having Outlook open for only a few seconds--not enough time to download new mail.

When this happens, any new tasks entered in the Scratch Pad are not saved even though Ctrl-Enter clears the text in the pad. When I click on a task for editing, the Popout does not open.

I read about a user's similar problem in the forum titled "having to restart TROG frequently to see tasks." This user solved their problem by reinstalling Windows. This is not an option as I have the disk for an older version of Win XP.

I do not like to keep Outlook open all of the time because I have several email rules that display messages about incoming mail. Having those messages display is an interuption. Not having them display is inefficient for my use of Outlook.
I am using TROG version 2010.2.6 with Beta and Preview features on.


  • We've noticed similar problems at various levels, but they aren't consistent from computer to computer. Last year Microsoft released an "update" to Outlook that changed the way it exited, and Trog Bar has never been the same since. Keeping a stable connection with Outlook has been murder since that update.

    We feel your pain on this one. We're working on it.

    The specific problems you mention ARE in excess of what we've seen before (tasks not getting saved and such) and may indicate a larger problem. Try disabling any Outlook addons you have installed. Re-installing Outlook may help too, and is quite a bit simpler than re-installing the OS.
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