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Currently I am using Trog bar 2010.2.8. AD, beta features enabled.
With "task sense now": the tasks are ordered in a weird way. First: I do not see only some of the Do Today tasks. Second: the tasks are not ordered according to their loose date. It looks more like, the more categories, the more important. And the first category seems to overule other categories.
This happens as well for tasks assigned to meetings: they do not show up when the meeting occurs by itself, they seem to be overuled by the strategic calender. While I usually enter this category first (e.g. "work").


  • It is true that the more matching categories a task has for the given time slot, the more important it will be. However, it sounds like something is wrong with some of your settings. Let's make sure:

    Check Your Settings

    Could you please check your main Trog Bar Options screen (Dates and Prioritization tab)? I wonder if your date/time field settings are incorrect.

    For good results with a TRO approach, you need to use the following settings:

    Start Date: I ignore or hide tasks until the Start date
    Due Date: I treat the Due date as a loose goal
    Reminder Date/Time: I do tasks on the Reminder date/time

    In addition, IF you have a mobile phone that syncs tasks:
    High Priority Means: Do Today
    Low Priority Means: S/M or Parked

    Check How You Enter Appointments

    (Note: If you use the older @Meeting convention for meeting agenda items instead of +Meeting, revise the instructions below accordingly.)

    If your staff meeting category is +Staff and your general work category is (Work), then you need to categorize your tasks with (Work) and +Staff.

    Your Strategic Calendar time block for work hours should be categorized with the (Work) category.

    HOWEVER, your meeting appointment needs to be categorized with +Staff, NOT with (Work) and +Staff.

    Check these things and reply back before we look at anything else.
  • Thank you, this did help. I did not categorize the meeting at all. Up to now it was not clear that this would be needed. I thought, by creating a @MeetingName category it would look up automatically any MeetingName and assign the task to it.
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