Set priorty of a task in advance?

How can I set the Priority of a future task, e.g., if I know that it is going to be a High Priority on the Start Date, without it showing up in the "Do Today" Task list?  Furthermore, if I had a task that was a High Priority (and still is), but has a W/F indicator and a new Start Date for a future date (So that it hides it until I want to check up on it again.), how can I prevent that from showing up in my "Do Today" Tasks?
Thanks for any advice!


  • In Outlook, High priority means "I'm doing this today" with the TRO approach. Outlook provides no way to automatically change the Priority to High on a certain date, so we use task Reminders to alert you to tasks that need to be moved to the Do Today list. You look over that reminders list when it pops up, open each task, and set it to High priority IF it still needs to be done that day. (Things change sometimes.)

    Priority does not mean "important" in a TRO approach, so it should not be thought of that way. That mindset works against you. Instead, the "soft" and "hard" dates along with the "Do Today" list accomplish all that and more.
  • Another important point: not all tasks are "Due." That's the whole problem with most time management systems.

    Some tasks have dates on which they have to be done (or started) or else bad things will happen. They need to appear on a "Must Do" list, but only at the right time, when it's actually time to take action on them.

    Some tasks you want to do sometime, maybe soon, or they are due in the future but could be worked now if you have extra time. These are really "Want to Do" or "May Do" tasks. (A "Due Date" is a false deadline for those tasks that don't really have a true deadline; don't set false deadlines, they water down your commitment.)

    Some other tasks are just far off in the future, Someday/Maybe tasks.

    Three lists: Must Do, May Do, Someday/Maybe. A VERY powerful concept.

    That's what TRO gives you. At any moment, you'll be able to see what you Must Do ("Do Today" list). You can also see what you May Do (based on "loose goal" dates). You can also see your future "Someday/Maybe" tasks. The meanings of these lists are simple, but getting and managing tasks in them requires the steps of TRO.

    See here for explanations of the Outlook Views:
  • Kevin,

    Does the Trog bar manage these things differently than TRO in Outlook?  As I said in my phone message, I do not NEED to USE Outlook, I just need it as a "hub" for collecting reQall voice notes/tasks/appointments, then transferring at least the Tasks into Trog.  Would this be possible, or would the two systems syncing with Outlook cause problems?

    Also, I am not sure my life goals>projects>tasks fit into your paradigm of task management.  I have things I must do (or something bad will happen), things I want to do, and things I should do (and may or may not want to).  I do not have anything that fits into a "Someday/Maybe" category.  Either I am planning on doing it, or I'm not; if I'm not, I do not put it in my task list.  If I am going to do it, then it is a goal and I accomplish it.

    These philosophies come from (I think) Seven Habits and/or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

    Does Trog address these needs better than Outlook?

    Thank you for your help!

  • Trog Bar is just a smart viewer/manager of OUTLOOK's data. All the tasks, emails, etc. live in Outlook. Trog does not maintain its own database. That means that you'll see all the tasks, emails, etc. in both places, all the time, even if you uninstall Trog Bar later.

    ReQall is just a great way to channel your incoming voicemail messages into your email inbox. From there, if you use Outlook, you can create an Outlook task form the email. Trog and Outlook will both see it.

    NOTE: Create tasks from emails in Outlook by dragging and dropping the email onto the Outlook Tasks icon (or right-click-drag-and-drop to create a task with the email as an attachment). Trog will see the new task too and let you manage it smartly.

    OR: If you have email management turned on in Trog Bar, you can drag and drop the email into Trog Bar and Trog will let you manage it as if it were a task. (This method is not recommended if you have a handheld, since the handheld does no know what to do with email tasks).
  • See here for an answer to your question about Someday/Maybe tasks and the way you are thinking about tasks:
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