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I missed the weekly review for quite a while, shame on me. Nevertheless, the last time I opened the list, it was almost empty, while the weekly review list in Outlook has some dozen tasks. I did miss several tasks in the Trog listing, that were presented in Outlook.
Any idea? I am convinced of the value of weekly reviews, therefore I would like to rely on the Trog function.



  • Trog's Weekly Review List is Smarter

    The Trog Bar Weekly review list is much smarter than Outlook's Weekly Review view (as configured using the SQL code we provide in TRO Online Training). Trog filters out more tasks that you don't need to be looking at, including tasks with a Reminder Date set (since those will show up in your Daily Review or Do Today list automatically).

    So, you're not missing anything important.

    However, if you have so few tasks in the Weekly Review list, you may be doing something wrong. See here for pointers:
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