Weekly Review List Is Empty? May Be a Warning Sign...

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Unlike a GTD weekly review, which is usually an hour or more, a healthy TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization) weekly review should take under 5 minutes.

However, you may be doing something wrong if you have few or no Weekly Review tasks in Trog Bar, Outlook, or some other tool with a smart weekly review list. Review this checklist to make sure you're on track:

* Make sure you aren't over-using "hard" dates. Many of your tasks should only have a "soft" date (the Due Date field in a TRO implementation). Reserve the "hard" date (Reminder) for tasks that have a date on which they must be started or bad things may happen.

* You may have Outlook configured to add reminders for tasks with Due Dates. Turn that option off (Outlook menu: Tools > Options > Tasks).

* Make sure you aren't constantly tweaking and adjusting Due Dates ("Loose goal" or "soft" dates) when the Due Date has passed. It doesn't matter in TRO. Reprocess tasks only when you determine that the need has changed or you completed the next step and it needs a new next step.
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