Purpose of Someday/Maybe List

edited February 2010 in TRO General Discussion
Use Someday/Maybe for things you WANT to do but probably won't get to in the next couple of months. You will review them monthly in a quick 5 minute monthly review.

Someday/Maybe is a great place for "wish list" ideas. Things you'd like to do someday. It is a parking lot for fun ideas that you are not planning on doing YET. They SHOULD be here, because this list is a feeding ground for new and better ideas later. It helps with "integrative thinking" ("killing two birds with one stone" or "multi-purposing"). You may not do these things exactly as you entered them later on; you may adjust them before starting to schedule them.

If you don't have anything like that, your life is unusually simple and you can handle everything, or you don't have enough long-term ambitions, or you are setting them aside because they cluttered up your old-style task lists. Assess what direction you want your life to take and start collecting those dreams-but-not-yet-goals. Don't let them just float around in your mind. They go into your Someday/maybe list.

So, a large Someday/Maybe list is a healthy thing. If you don't have one yet, that's fine, but you should keep this principle in mind and start adding things to that list when you identify them.

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