Self Training - coloradoMO

Ok, prep is done and ready to get going. I've chosen my home office both because it will be better for doing the online training and because it's in the worst shape its ever been in. Since I stopped telecommuting it's been an impromptu storage area, and even before that it was a victim of an aborted attempt using GTD and the "sustained stress syndrome" mentioned in the training prep. I thought of cleaning it up a bit first but this way it's as honest as it can be.


  • OK, post-sweep and feeling great. It was definitely an investment of time and took quite a few times to talk myself out of getting bogged down or skipping stuff. After squaring things away into the inbox extension boxes I did a really deep clean and the room now feels fantastic. So glad I have the rest of the training to help me stick with the next stages, because the boxes are rather unwelcome at this point.
  • The home office (and my electronic work life) has been complete for a while and the TRO system is helping me keep it that way. Now that I've implemented the training and gotten through a couple of key projects, I'm taking advantage of the ability to reset the 21 day accountability and re-doing the training using my work office, which was unfairly invaded by lots of stuff that isn't mine but still need to be dealt with after a lot of staff/program transition -- a perfect test for my improving skills and motivation. Here is before:
  • Had a few setbacks in getting started, but have now completed the sweep and clean of my work office. Feels awesome, and I only have 3 inbox annexes vs. too many that first round at home. This one was easier/faster, I didn't get as sucked into trying to "do" and make decisions on the fly and instead did a fast sweep, better understanding and trusting the TRO system this time around.
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