Setting up two email accounts

One of my struggles with GTD has always been managing work and home with the same system. I have work email managed through the Outlook server. I also have a personal email, managed with Gmail but that I cannot integrate with my work Outlook based on limitations they have set here in my workplace.

So at the very beginning when it asks me what my email system is, I'm not sure what to choose because I really need ONE system for life management.


  • Go ahead and separate the two accounts, one for work and one for personal. That will keep you more focused on work at work and more focused on personal things at home.

    Tradeoff: You will have to triage/process both email inboxes at different times.

    Advantage: When you think of a personal task at work, email it to your personal account for later processing, and vice versa. "Collecting" is easy this way.

    Select your work email method (and all other tools) for the TRO training, since you will use it on a guaranteed schedule.
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