Trog Bar causes "Internet Explorer has stopped working"

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Okay, this has taken a while to determine the exact cause.

Windows 7 Pro x64
Office 2007
Trog Bar 2010.3.4

When I close a tab, or anything that seems to cause an activex control to load in IE8, I receive an "Internet Explorer has stopped working" dialog. 

I've disabled every add-in, uninstalled flash, and the problem is still encountered.  The only way to reliably make the problem cease is to close the Trog Bar.  Opening the Trog Bar causes the problem to resume.

I've been able to re-enable/re-install everything else, and the problem still doesn't come back unless I start the Trog Bar.


  • I really have no idea what could cause this, and it isn't happening on any of our test computers, but let's try some random things to see if we can narrow this down.
    1. If you are using Trog in a "pinned" (always visible) state, try unpinning it.
    2. Try enabling/disabling beta features and see if that makes a difference.
    3. Try disabling any antivirus software (TEMPORARILY!!!)
    4. If you have any other low level system utilities, try disabling them
    5. Try disabling any Outlook addons

    I don't know if any of this will help or not, but it's worth a try. Each of the suggestions above targets a different place that MIGHT be able to cause a connection between Trog Bar and Internet Explorer.
  • 1. It's not pinned.
    2. WEIRD.  Enabling the beta features seems to cause the problem to go away.
    3. Can't - anti-virus is controlled by a group policy at the domaijn level.
    4. This is a developer system - I disabled everything, and started re-enabling them until the problem started.  The process of elimination led me to "trog bar".
    5. The only add-on I can see in Outlook is an Adobe PDF (Acrobat) menu.  I can't see anyway to disable that in 2007 without uninstalling Acrobat.
  • 2. WEIRD.  Enabling the beta features seems to cause the problem to go away.

    Awesome, that helps a lot. We'll look specifically at things that have changed behavior in beta mode, but I think I know where it is. One of the Beta changes rips out an API that interacts with Windows's "Explorer" (which is tightly coupled to Internet Explorer.) Sounds like it's time to elevate that change to stable status.
  • Yes, it's confirmed, since enabling the beta features I've been able to use the Trog Bar with no apparent side effects.
  • FWIW, I've had the same problem, same solution.

  • I'm running Trog Bar 2010.3.4 AD on Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit with IE 9 and Office 2010 SP1 32-bit.

    I wasn't having this problem with Internet Explorer 9, but I was having it with Adobe Reader X (10.1.1). Every time I closed Reader while Trog Bar was running I'd get the error: "Adobe Reader has stopped working." The problem has the same solution: closing Trog Bar or enabling beta features causes the problem to go away.

  • I had the same problem on both my desktop and laptop. Enable Beta Features and problem resolved!

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