Trogbar Compatibility With Groupwise and Outlook 2010

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I got Trogbar installed with Novell Groupwise and Outlook 2010 but can't get it to work properly. The main problem is with that I am unable to get it to handle tasks and the email interface does not work. Is there any solution so that Trogbar works with this configuration? 


  • I'm not aware of any specific problems with this configuration. If you can give more details on you problem I should be able to help find a solution. Could you explain:
    1. What you are doing?
    2. What the expected result is?
    3. What the actual result is?

    Also, please check your folder settings (Click '+'->Profile and Folder) and make sure that the correct task and email folders are selected.
  • Thanks for your assistance. To answer your questions:

    1. I am trying to use Trogbar to manage my tasks and am using Groupwise for calendar, contact and email functions, with Groupwise set up in an enterprise domain infrastructure. Outlook 2010 is being used strictly to provide Trogbar functionality.

    2. My expected result is that Trogbar will be able to track my tasks and provide its full level of capabilities seamlessly, ideally able to interface both ways with Groupwise and Outlook 2010, while continuing to use Groupwise as, at a minimum, my primary calendar, email and contact management system.

    3. The result that I am getting so far is that when I create a task in Trogbar, I get multiple copies created - e.g., 11 tasks are created from one in Trogbar (a duplication made of the actual task name and an additional  six created prefixed with "Task Request:" and three more prefixed as "Task Request: Task Request:"), while the one task is correctly created in Outlook 2010 but without the task created in Groupwise.

    Also, I have checked the folder settings and they are correct.

  • I assume you are creating a task by typing something in the scratchpad and clicking "Add Task" (or pressing Ctrl + Enter) right? Trog only creates a single task in this case. Additionally, the phrase "Task Request:" doesn't occur anywhere in the Trog Bar code.

    It sounds to me like you have another app or plugin that is duplicating these new tasks for some reason. It might be Groupwise, or it might be something else (anything doing a "sync" is a good candidate). Please try disabling any plugins, and exiting Groupwise, then see if you still have a problem with duplication when adding tasks.

    If you can isolate the plugin/app that is creating the duplicates, please let us know.
  • 1. Confirming that I am adding tasks the standard way through the Trog Bar interface using "Add Task."

    2. I only installed Outlook to work with Trog Bar, so there are only the standard MS add-ins and the Groupwise connector; there really should not be any other plugins. In Outlook 2010, I don't see the facility to disable them.

    3. Without Groupwise or  Outlook active, I added a task, which duplicated into eight tasks now - it made the actual task name and an additional  four created prefixed with "Task Request:" and three more prefixed as "Task Request: Task Request:"). Otherewise, email does appear to be synching correctly between Groupwise and Outlook.
  • We're sure that the duplicates are being created by another application, possibly a sync app. Trog only creates a single task in this case, and cannot create any additional tasks as a result of this action. The words "Task Request" also never occur anywhere in the Trog Bar code.

    Do these "Task Request" entries appear in Outlook as well, or only in Trog Bar? (I'm wondering if they're internal Groupwise sync information records and are intended to be hidden.)
  • The "Task Request" entries do not appear in Outlook and are only in Trog Bar.
  • OK, this is probably a hidden record used for internal communication. Whatever is creating it has probably done something to hide it from Outlook's lists. We'll need a sample of the record, and then hopefully we'll be able to suppress it from Trog Bar as well.

    Please follow these instructions to send us a sample of this record:
    1. Download and install Mapi Editor from
    2. Double-click the mfcmapi.exe icon, and then click OK to close the MAPI Editor Help screen and to display the main window.
    3. In the MAPI Editor main window, click Session, and then click Logon and Display Store Table to open the mailbox.
    4. Double click on your main Message Store. A tree of folders should display
    5. Double Click the Root->IPM_SUBTREE->Tasks folder. A list of records should display.
    6. Look for one of your "Task Request:" records (if you can't find it, try looking in the email folder too)
    7. Right Click the record and select "Save Message(s) to File..."
    8. Select "Text File", click "OK", and save the file somewhere.
    9. Contact support and send the file. We'll look over it and see if we can find anything special that can be used to filter these entries from Trog Bar.
  • I have followed the steps you outlined to find the "Task Request" records but nothing appears. I also noted that no task records were there as well (although the synched email records do show up).

    The "Task Request" function resides in Outlook for forwarding / delegating tasks to address book contacts.
  • BTW, from a coaching perspective, we strongly recommend that you not use the The Outlook "Task Request" feature. When you or someone delegates this way, 1) the sender loses control of the task and cannot edit it to reprocess it or assign a W/F date on it, and 2) if the sender makes any changes, the recipient's data in the task is wiped out.

    Delegation is really asking. Send an email instead, and let each person enter and process the task in their own task lists...
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