trogbar with thunderbird, crashing on launch

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Hello.  I wanted to make sure trogbar worked for me before I looked further into TRO.  Running Windows XP and Thunderbird 3.0.1, the installation went smoothly.  When I try to launch the program I get an error message:

The ordinal 135 could not be located in the dynamic link library MAPI32.dll.

I am wondering if Thunderbird's SimpleMAPI implementation might not play nicely with TrogBar.  I searched here for "ordinal" and looked at a few of the more recent Thunderbird posts, but nothing pointed me in a helpful direction. 

Work requires that I use Thunderbird and no Outlook, so let me know if I am hopeless.  Cheers,  chris


  • Trog Bar is currently only designed to work with Outlook. We wanted to support Thunderbird, but the simple MAPI interface is just too limited to handle what Trog Bar does.

    If it crashed in MAPI, Trog Bar passed the Outlook checks, which should mean you have Outlook installed, right?

    You should be able to fix the issue by running fixmapi.exe. For more information, see the instructions here:
  • That did the trick, thanks!
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