Trog Bar Not Updating Unprocessed Tasks

When I move an email into the [Action] folder, the TrogBar unprocessed task list is not updated to show the new actionable email/task on it. The only way for me to get the email to show up in Unprocessed Tasks is to close TrogBar and reopen it.


  • I just wanted to let you know that we found a similar case that we can reproduce this problem with. We're analyzing the issue now to see what causes it and find a fix.
  • Has this been fixed yet? I'm seeing behaviour similar to this and it is quit worrying that I cannot trust the tool to track my tasks.

    The entire purpose of using Trog bar is to be able to not worry about missing tasks or commitments. This kind of fault defeats the entire purpose of the program.

  • It is October 2011. Has this issue been resolved? I need to process hot items immediately was the TRO training suggests, but the unprocessed tasks does NOT update. At time it does not update anything until the next day.

    I'm currently running Outlook 2003 on Windows Vista until the company moves us to Office 2010 in a few months.
  • I'm experiencing the same issue (november 2012). Now i can't trust my system Total stress again.
  • Same here.  It's annoying that this long-standing bug doesn't get solved.

    Please, Priacta guys, put some energy away from Donedesk developing into this.
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