Outlook 2007 vs. Toodledoo


I currently manage my personal tasks using the online web application "Toodledo".  I currently use Outlook at work for email and calendar items, but would like to use it to track tasks.  My question is, is it feasible to have 2 separate and differently organized task management systems, one for work and one for personal?  I like Toodledo because it works with my iPhone, and anywhere else I am I have internet access. I don't believe I can get the same outlook functionality on my iPhone as I get with Toodledo.

I've been meaning to call since I bought your training package, but am not usually available to do during your operating hours. Is it possible to get an email coach, possibly included in my 21 day follow-up?  Or is that extra?  Thanks.


Yes, it is practical.  When you do the TRO training and choose your "major" (life area) categories, one of them will be (Work) and others might be (Personal), (Family), (Home), etc.  Track all your (Work) items in Outlook at work and all your other items using Toodledo for personal/home use.  Maintain a separate personal email account, regardless of what the TRO training tells you.  If you get a work idea at home, email it to yourself; if you get a personal email at work, forward it to yourself.  Be sure to "process" in both places: work and home.

When splitting your system, it's best if you use the same tool in both places (Outlook at work and a separate Outlook installation at home) just so you don't get confused, but you can do Toodledo at home and Outlook at work and succeed if you can keep the methods straight in your mind.

Email coaching IS what you get with the 21-day follow-up. It starts once you start the 21-day follow-up. You also have a free initial consultation (15 minutes) during the training.  We won't count this question for that.  :)

You can get Outlook syncing on your iPhone using Appigo ToDo and Appigo sync. See here for more information: http://www.priacta.com/forum/index.php?topic=778.0.
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