Tasks disappear frequently - restored by clicking on 'unprocessed tasks'

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I often lose my tasks completely, for no establishable reason. I'm using Outlook 2010 on Win 7 64 bit. Latest Trog Bar version, beta switched off. I used to restart to get my tasks back, but I discovered that if I click on 'unprocessed tasks' I get them back. It doesn't matter whether or not I have unprocessed tasks.


  • Do you mean that you have tasks in the list, and then they all disappear? Or that sometimes new tasks fail to appear in the list?
  • I mean that I have tasks in the list and then they all disappear.
  • Update: they don't necesarily all disappear. I just found only one task listed under 'all incomplete'. Again, clicking on 'unprocessed tasks' - of which there were none - and then back to 'all incomplete' brought back my list of seven tasks.
  • Craig,

    Try switching beta features on. These features are very stable in the 2010.03.04 release. I believe this will resolve your issue. I've seen it work before for a couple of clients. There is something unreliable about Outlook messaging on some Outlook installations that can cause glitches in what tasks appear in the Unprocessed list.

    A new Trog Bar release is being readied in which the now-beta features will be moved to release features.

    (Note: Preview features should remain off for now. They are pre-beta and for user interface feedback mainly.)
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