Ariel - Self Training

Combination office/music studio/exercise area/library (oops, didn't take pics of bookshelves on opposite wall). Not much work has been getting done here lately!  :-\


  • After Photos  :D

    "Extended Inbox" is along front of bookcases...
  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing these.

    I notice that you're at "70% control" on Day 8. Do you have a recurring appointment in your calendar for:
    - Daily Review (5 min, first thing)
    - Weekly Review (5 min, after daily review Mon or Fri)
    - Monthly Review (5 min, first or last week of month after your weekly review)


    - Processing time (30 min/day)?

    Those appointments will help you stay on track to get the full sense of control and full habit.

    Make sure you complete the full 21-day follow-up!
  • Got slammed by a ton of new work and an out-of-town trip...back on track now and finding that as I better learn TRO it handles even those unexpected surges. Thanks for the help!
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