Correct application selection.  Online/Offline?

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I have just signed up for the premium online trainng package but I would like to get a few things sorted before I dive in.
 I use outlook on my laptop as a general information store/collection/communication tool.  I also have a very capable WinMo smartphone that I regularly sync with the laptop. Despite all my best efforts all I end up using the smartphone for is as a telephone with a really good contact list and as an appointment reminder.   I am looking to the training to help me get this into some sort of functioning system.  I will probably use TROG with Outlook on the laptop.
I would like to have the smartphone set up so that its use is almost totally interchangeable with the laptop for the TRO system.
I have been looking around at applications to use on the smartphone and I would really like to have something that syncs online rather than having to plug into the computer.  It would also have to allow offline access.
So I have two questions
Is there any smartphone application that you would recomend for maximum compatibilty with TROG on the laptop? One of you commentators elsewhere on your website recomends Agenda Fusion 8 and I have also been tryingout Pocket Informant.
Is there any application that allows Web based sync but also stores synced data for offline access?


  • Use TRO Online Training, and select Outlook or Trog Bar as your task list and Windows Mobile as your mobile option.

    When you do that, the TRO training will adjust the processing methods so your tasks will show up properly on your Windows Mobile device. Your lists on the Windows Mobile and Trog Bar/Outlook will be fully interchangeable. The training will tell you how it works.

    Agenda Fusion 8 is an older app but has more flexibility in how it displays tasks than Agenda One, its semi-replacement. That's why we recommend it more than Agenda One. A number of clients like Pocket Informant.

    However, I always preferred the built-in tasks app in the Windows mobile device. With the adjusted processing methods, I could see my different task lists just fine, and I didn't add overhead (slowness) of additional apps.

    That said, I should let you know that I finally ditched my Windows Mobile for an iPhone and have been very glad I did. Windows Mobile was always unreliable, slow (for large task lists), and hard-to-use for my tastes. I break out in a cold sweat now if someone suggests that I give up my iPhone... :-)
  • Oh, also, I'm not aware of any app that allows offline access as you ask, unless your PRIMARY task list is a web app like Remember the Milk or Toodledo.
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