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I have been diagnosed with ADHD relatively recently and I'm recognizing that it is actually quite severe. I have been using GTD with modest success and Zoot has been my primary tool. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about TRO's suitability for those struggling with ADHD. Also any feedback about staying with Zoot versus moving to an Outlook/Trog combo would be much appreciated. I'm familiar with Outlook but like Zoot for it's organizational flexibility and power along with it's recently acquired email and RTF functionality. However, my concern is that increased power and flexibility may come at the price of increased complexity...not good for ADHD.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated.


  • Alex,

    I have ADD tendencies, and 8 of my 10 children have ADD/ADHD. ADD is really not an "attention" problem, you can usually focus on things just fine, it's just a struggle to choose what you focus on.

    To fix that, you have to make it easy. People tend to work on what is in front on them. That is especially true if you have ADD/ADHD. TRO is ideal for ADD'ers because it pushes unimportant things out of sight until they are actually needed. TRO gets rid of those visual distractions.

    Example: instead of putting papers on your desk, put them into a "safe" collecting point (wire inbox). It's amazing how undistracting they become when they are in their "home." You know you will process them later.

    Same with task lists.With ADHD, it is especially important to have all your work items in one place, and you must always have that list with you, so you work off that one list. It becomes a habit then, which works in your favor. Don't let yourself cycle between items on your desk, browser, etc.

    However, you must NOT have a task list that needs to be scanned, or you may cycle between items. The list needs to be self-prioritizing, with the right items at the top automatically. That's what TRO gives you. The Do Today list is especially important, since it is a short punch list of things you must do that day. Really helps you focus. GTD does not do this for you, and therefore won't work well for ADHD.

    Zoot has no ready-to-use training approach for TRO, so Trog/Outlook will work much better.
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