Post Affiliate Pro connector integration with Magento

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I am running Magento ver. and I can't upgrade because it will no longer be compatible with something else (yet)

When I install this latest version of the Post Affilate Pro connector - I get horrible errors and of course now I realise that it might not be compatible with the Magento version I am running.

The error I get is:-

Fatal error: Class 'Gpf_Rpc_Form_Validator_FormValidatorCollection' not found in ........./pap_4/api/PapApi.class.php on line 1851

Any thoughts?


  • Sounds like a bad API file. Try this:
    1. Log into PAP
    2. Go to Tools->Integration
    3. Click the link to download the API (on the right)
    4. Upload the downloaded file to /lib/PAP/ (overwrite the existing API file)

    If that doesn't help, contact Quality Unit. They might have released a build with a bad API file.
  • Thank you SO much - will have a go at that now

    And .... let you know how I get on! :)
  • Hmm - well there wasn't anything in that file at all

    But have unzipped the folder and had a look at the contents including the READ me file - and the instructions say something completely different. too tired to work on it now so will attempt this tomorrow.
  • Been through this again and no joy - still kept getting the error message!

    Am now going to get in touch with QualityUnit as suggested but in the meantime I would appreciate any further suggestions as I have so far had no response from them previously.
  • Hi i have install the pap in my root directory /afffiliate/ , when i run the installer , after application message , it saying bad error message "Fatal error: Class 'Pap_Module' not found in /home/myproject/public_html/affiliate/include/Pap/Installer.class.php on line 36"

    So if any one have idea how to resolve the issue ..or fix it..
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