Handling Urgent Things That Come Up Today

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Question: I did a daily review in the morning and had about 10 tasks for today. But meanwhile new tasks come. Some are important some are less. When I'm processing them should I give "today" tag to important tasks if I want to do them right now or immediately after current task? I'm doing it that way now, but "Do today" list is always getting bigger.

Handling Urgent Things Today

If really urgent things crop up, you can add them to the Do Today list at any time. Just give them the "today" tag (or star in Toodledo, or High priority for Outlook/Trog with a mobile phone, or whatever TRO Online Training teaches you is the best option for your particular tools).

You can do this because in your 5 minute Daily Review, you discovered how much real work you have to the day, so you can make a smart decision without going back over your lists.

However, reserve this for the real emergencies. Otherwise, collect the task and process it to be done with other, similar tasks, for efficiency and peace of mind. Let people know when you regularly do that kind of task ("bug fixes are on Thursdays"). This minimizes interruptions and eliminates a perpetual (and false) sense that everything is urgent in your company.
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