Need to set up a time to double-check my outlook tasks config.

Hi there.

My outlook tasks aren’t behaving as expected.  I double checked that the SQL is as spec’d but I think I may have started with the wrong initial view to modify or something.

Do Today is empty even though trogbar has 13 items (it is right)
Unprocessed Tasks has 3 items in it even though I have none in Trogbar.

What’s the best way to hook up to sort this out?


  • It may be because you aren't processing correctly for your tools. If you have an iPhone, BB, or WM phone, when the task reminders pop up in the AM, you need to open the task, set to High priority, uncheck the reminder box, and Save and Close. This moves the task onto your Do Today list. This is part of Reviewing, covered in the Reviewing lesson.
    That doesn't explain how your Unprocessed list is not in sync. That may be due to turning on Email handling in Trog Bar. We recommend (Lesson 3) that this feature be turned off if you have any of these phones since they can't see those emails as tasks like Trog can. Go to Options (click [ + ] near upper right corner of Trog), check the Profile and Folders list, and remove anything that says Emails To Do or Actionable Emails or Email Tasks next to it (make a note of those folders). Now go back out to Outlook and create actual tasks from those emails by dragging and dropping them onto the Tasks icon in Outlook.
    If this doesn't help, I recommend upgrading to Basic Remote Coaching so you get an hour of coach time and coach 21-day follow-up, and we'll look at your setup during the first part of the 1-hour (very intensive) training session. We'll also look at your setup and optimize things for best results with no stress.
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