TRO in Nokia Smartphone

Currently I'm preparing for TRO Online Training and I have a question about Handheld.

Now I'm using WM6 Smartphone, which is OK from functional point of view, but very slow.  I plan to buy Nokia N900 Smartphone, which has Maemo OS on it (so it's not Win Mobile).
And I have several questions about that:
1. What do you think about Nokia N900? Can I use it for TRO?
2. Can I / Should I download different version of Field Guide eBook for Nokia N900?
3. Two last years I have used my Smartphone as Notepad and Voice recorder. Is it OK to continue using it for notes or  I really need paper  Notepad?


  • I don't recommend the Nokia phones for TRO or GTD. There is almost no appropriate software for the Symbian-based phones.

    I just did another search and some apps that used to work on Nokias are no longer available. N900 is too new to be sure of. Papyrus is an app that has worked on some Nokias, but SBSH (the software publisher) no longer lists the app on their web site. Not encouraging...
    One solution: If you already have a Nokia phone, use it's web browser to access your task list.
    •   Toodledo has a great slim version of the site (for smart phones).
    •   Remember the Milk has the same thing (pro subscription required).

    If you decide to do Toodledo, see the special TRO Online Training instructions for Toodledo in the forum.
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