A New Way to Triage Emails

edited August 2010 in TRO General Discussion
We have a new, improved way to triage emails (and any other collecting point). Very relaxing! This works when you have a task list that shows "Unprocessed" tasks in creation order, like Trog Bar, Outlook, or Toodledo.
The change: Triage emails en masse, but do NOT immediately process hot items until you are done triaging. When done triaging the email Inbox (or whatever collecting point), go to the Unprocessed list and scan for the "hot" ones. Process those and only those. Done!
This method works exceptionally well in Toodledo due to its linear task list layout, which lets you process all your tasks right from the task grid.


  • In addition: Anyone using Toodledo can take advantage of their new "Add multiple tasks..." feature:

    Click "Add a Task" as you normally would.
    To the right of the "new task" field, click "Add multiple tasks."
    You can add a large number (up to 500) new tasks at once, one per line. This can help you triage a large number of tasks all at once.
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