newbie - outlook, contexts and agendus

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i just downloaded and installed trogbar. and have 2 major issues already

1. how do i work with contexts here - i only see categories, which from my understanding of gtd are not contexts. unless i use more than 1 category.... one of them being associated with contexts? is that the idea?

2. my synchronised agendus to outlook has disappeared - how do i get it back? agendus works for me and my calendar, and is synchronised to my pda (palm tx).

3. the program i really liked the best for my tasks is omnifocus, and i thought that trog could replace it. i'm not so sure now, i can't get the same hierarchical system in my windows system.

i would be very grateful for any quick assistance here.

many thanks,

william livingstone


  • 1. Contexts can be implemented using either categories or tags features in various products. This is the normal way to implement GTD in most task lists. Very few actually contain a "context" field.

    2. This is most likely an issue with Agendus, not Trog Bar. Nothing about Trog Bar should interfere with your other software on a stable system.
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