Software Question

Just started the TRO Online Training.

I am using Jello Dashboard with Outlook, and Caelo NEO Email Organiser for basic mail.

I do not find the choice on the first page to add Jello, only Outlook and some other GTD software. What should I choose? Your Toolbar? Is that in any way compatible with Jello on Outlook?


  • The feedback we get from most clients is that Jello Dashboard is an excellent idea but, unfortunately, it really slows down Outlook. Has that been your experience? If not, what version of Outlook are you using?
    To use Jello Dashboard as your task list tool, I'd select Outlook as your task list in the TRO Online Training. Trog Bar manages Outlook tasks and creates smart views to them, so you could select Trog Bar, but the training would be more specific to Trog.
    One big difference will be the way you manage projects. Jello gives you a project field, which you can use to gather tasks as separate tasks rather than putting them in the notes. The advantage of this approach is that you can simply check "Completed" on steps when they are done. The big danger is that you can get "orphaned" projects--projects with no active next action--so you have to add a step in your weekly review to make sure all projects have live next steps. This is a bigger problem than it sounds. If your weekly review starts to exceed 10 minutes, the real risk is that you may not do it, which is why so many people fall off the GTD wagon. TRO, on the other hand, only requires a 4 or 5 minute weekly review that feels refreshing.
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