Maximum number of categories in Trogbar?

edited December 1969 in Trog Bar Bug Reports
Is there supposed to be a limitation on the number of categories that Trogbar can handle?

I created categories in MS Outlook 2010. Beyond 17 categories, Trogbar seemed to be unable to reliably import them. Trogbar would then only show categories that were actually used in tasks. Unused categories would not be displayed.


  • Trog Bar handles any number of categories. What you are seeing is due to different limitations.

    Trog Bar's autocomplete and menus only show the categories that are currently in use, or that were added using the "Add" button. This is by design. They are also supposed to show any categories from your Outlook Master Categories list, but this relies on undocumented information about where an how these categories are stored, so it is possible that it is broken in Outlook 2010 (although nobody has specifically reported so until now.) We'll look into this.
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