Setting up training, what tools to pick

I just purchased the TRO Online Training, and I am at the “Selecting Your Tools” step in the web app.  My only question is about “Tasklist”.  I use Outlook for tasklist management with the ClearContext add-in.  However, outside of Outlook, from the desktop, I am starting to use your Trog Bar app and like it so far.  So, right now I am using both and suspect that may be a good solution for me and would like training with regards to both.  What should I select for “Tasklist”?


  • Based on what you say, I would select Trog Bar and see how you like it. Make sure you set up Trog Bar per the instructions in Lesson 3 (do not enable email handling in Trog Bar if you have a Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or iPhone/iPad/iTouch device; turn on beta features but do not turn on Preview features, etc).
    If you change your mind and want Outlook-only tasklist training, you can change your TRO training tools later from the TRO Online Training Dashboard (select Dashboard from the menu at the top).
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