GTD vs. TRO Implementation

I've read David Allen's books.  Have not been very successful in applying his techniques.  I work in IT, and my job is a mix of consulting, and support.  I'm currently traveling 3-4 days/week, and in a local office the other days.  

My plan of attack is to read/act upon the ebook over the next week.  I'm then on vacation the week of Labor day, when I plan on completing the TRO online training.  Hopefully come the week of 9/13, I'll really start applying the concepts.  I may possibly look at using a remote coach sometime that week in order to jumpstart my use of this system.  How far in advance do you need to make an appointment?


  • David Allen's GTD teaches good principles, but is fundamentally flawed when you try to apply it. Total, Relaxed Organization system is different because we spend only a little time on the principles and spend most of the training focusing on how to build a process for your work. The training hardly varies between the different tools (use different fields for "hard" and "soft" dates, "categories" in Outlook are "tags" in Toodledo) because the system is the same regardless of the tools. In addition, after you've finished the training we send 21 days of follow-up to help you establish your habits. The results look like this.
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