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I am just starting TRO Online Training.  I am trying to decide on best combination of tools.  First and foremost I use a Blackberry Tour.  So, that being said, I have a few questions:
1) Do you recommend subscribing to BES?
2) Would you recommend TROG Bar or Outlook for Calendar (looks like I can get FREE Outlook 2007 with BES subscription on
3) If I use Outlook, would I have to have Outlook Exchange Server or would BES take care of that?
4) If I got Outlook, would you recommend Outlook or Trog for e-mail tool?

I am a big fan of GTD but the only way I have been able to implement it is a paper system!  I am excited about Total, Relaxed Organization system and am looking for the BEST technology tools selection to implement.  Please advise!


  • 1) YES, if you need tasks on the road, BES is awesome and you will be in sync all the time.

    2 & 4) Outlook will be your email and calendar tool. TROG Bar just gives you smart views into your OUTLOOK task list, and it also gives you a convenient daily calendar view into your OUTLOOK calendar data. Trog and Outlook are always looking at the same (Outlook) data.

    3) With 123Together, you will get both BES and Exchange working together with your Outlook and Blackberry. So get 123Together exchange hosting, add BES, and you will have Outlook/Trog/Blackberry in sync all the time.

    As a GTDer, you're going to love the added efficiencies of TRO.
  • Thank you for your feedback. Can I avoid exchange server and BES if I used web-based tools such as google calendar and toodledo?
  • Yes. I love Toodledo and recommend it heavily. Gcal works fine, it only lacks a "tentative appointment" feature, but you can flag tentative appointments by starting the appt name with an asterisk. Use that when scheduling 30+ minute task blocks for next actions into the calendar (Processing - Deferring lesson). Use TaskJot for Blackberry or browse to the slim Toodledo app. However, TaskJot does not yet support one-tag-only views; that should be coming soon.
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