My PDF Download is Corrupted/Incomplete

When I downloaded the e-book it wouldn’t open, the error message was “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and cannot be repaired”.

I tried downloading it two more times but the same error message each time and now it won’t let me try again. The first file downloaded 2,169KB the second time downloaded 2,246KB and the third time 2,393KB!

Can you please send me a valid PDF file for the options Trog-Outlook-Outlook-Blackberry.


  • The most likely reason for the corrupt download is probably an iffy internet connection (a firewall could do it) combined with an iffy download manager. Sometimes the combination can corrupt the first download and trick the computer into always corrupting the download. Very aggravating.

    I'm going to reset your download credits so you can try again.

    Here's what I'd recommend to ensure the best download:

    1) Use Firefox or Chrome web browser.
    2) If you use Firefox, install the Download Them All add-on. It does a good job of protecting your downloads.
    3) Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
    4) Delete the old, corrupt files from the download directory.

    Try downloading it again, and it should work.

    Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

    Anyone else having this same problem, please contact me via the support email address so I can reset your download count.
  • For iPad users:
    The iPad is not a good platform for downloading and viewing PDF files. 

    Many of our clients report trying to download and view the TRO Field Guide as a PDF, only to have their iPad not read the file and/or not save the file. 

    The best workaround for this problem is to not download the PDF to your iPad. Download it to you regular computer and copy it over to the iPad later. 

    Alternatively, there are some good instructions online for how to successfully download/view PDF files on your iPad:

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