Can't delete unprocessed tasks

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I opened ACTION folder in Outlook and arranged for Trog to work with e-mail. So I got 250 unprocessed tasks - impossible to deal with. Tried deleting them, and they remained in Trog but disappeared into my Deleted Folder in Outlook. Tried reinstalling Trog, but same thing happened. Now some of my tasks have turned into emails, have left the Task folder and I can't get them back.

Please help - this is turning into a nightmare ...


  • Trog doesn't convert items from one type to another--it merely lets you "see" and manage some emails as though they are tasks, but only inside  Trog Bar.

    Your situation is probably just a matter of getting the email settings right in Trog Bar. The unprocessed tasks you see are really emails or other items in an unexpected folder. Trog has been told to look in that folder for items to treat as tasks.

    Crucial Rule: In the initial interview, never point Trog to many different folders as sources of email tasks. Just point to a new [Action] folder (or similar name). Or, if you are an advanced user, you can let Trog manage the Inbox with some careful rules (Ex: all "flagged" emails are tasks). However, if you tell Trog that your Inbox is your task source and that all items in the Inbox are tasks, you see 10,000 "unprocessed tasks" (see this FAQ).

    Check and Fix your Settings

    Go to Trog Options screen (click [ + ] near upper right corner of Trog Bar), select Profile and Folders. Scroll down the list looking for any folders that are marked as Emails to Do. Change them to blank. You can also go to the Other tab, click Repeat Initial Interview, and turn Email handling off.

    Try that and let me know what you see.

    (If you still have trouble, give us a call and a technician will help you sort this out. )
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