HowTo: Get a Free Outlook (or Entourage) 2010 Download

Here are the general instructions for getting Outlook 2010 for "free."

Go to and click on the "123together" icon. 

When you sign up for hosted Exchange Server on this website ($10 per month, highly recommended), you can download a free copy of Outlook 2010 (or Entourage) to go with it. 

If you have set up your account with 123together, this is how you can get your copy for Outlook:

1) Make sure your computer is on a fast, stable connection, because the file is large (1/4 GB).
2) Log in to your control panel (not webmail) using your email address and password.
3) Open this link in a new browser: 
4) A login should appear. Re-enter your account information to verify your identity.
5) The install file will begin to download. When it is complete, open it and install it on your machine.
     NOTE: The first time you run Outlook, it may ask you for a product key. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to obtain your product key.
6) To auto-setup Outlook for your new email address, click here ( Accept the download, and run the setup installer. Make sure Outlook is not running when you attempt to run the setup tool.
7) Enter your email address in the setup tool and click "next". 
8) When prompted, enter your email address and login, just the way you did on

It may take several minutes, but Outlook will load with your inbox ready for action.

To get your product key click this link:
A PDF file containing your product key will open in your browser. Copy every letter, exactly as it appears, into the area for your registration key.
If you cannot open the PDF file, you will need to download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader:
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