Updated Remember the Milk "Unprocessed" search string

Hi TRO-ers,

I'm enjoying getting TRO setup with Remember the Milk and Gmail. I think I noticed a small bug in the search string for the Unprocessed list (pg 68 in the pdf manual). While I'm deferring tasks from the "Unprocessed" list I noticed that tasks that have a "hard" due date but that do not have a priority remain in the Unprocessed list (I'm assuming that a task that has been properly deferred would disappear from the list). I updated the search string to remove tasks that have a hard date but no priority.

The search string from the manual:

((priority:none) OR (isTagged:false)) AND status:incomplete NOT tag:sm NOT tag:templates

Updated search string which hides tasks that have due date OR a priority

(priority:none) OR (isTagged:false)) AND status:incomplete AND due:never NOT tag:sm NOT tag:templates

I'm a TRO newbie so please jump in if I'm missing something here.




  • Ok, I think I may have mis-understood a step here. I went back and read the manual again in more detail. On page 87 of the manual step 5b) is to set a Priority for *all* tasks - even ones that have a "due date". If I understand correctly this means:

    - priority: loose prioritization of when I intend to do the work (1=this week, 2=next week, 3=this month)
    - due date: "Hard date" - the day on which the task must actually be done. 

    Learning as I go along :-)

  • That's right. All tasks need a Priority in Remember the Milk because that is the "loose goal date" (This week, Next Week, This month....) Good catch!
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