TROG bar slow pop-out


Long time TROG bar user and been very happy with speed and reliability, however I've now encountered a small quirk:

TROG bar is autohid to the left of my screen and when moving cursor over to activate it pops out but very jerky and slow, when it pops back in it goes a lot smoother.

This change correlated with OS upgrade from WinXP SP3 to Win7 64bit, 32 bit Office.
System Spec is Dell laptop DualCore2 CPU, 4GB RAM and Nvidia Quattro 160M Graphics card.
Display resolution 1920x1200, Win/ configured with "standard" appearance options, Aero Theme.

Is this a known bug, a result of my system/settings or just a random thing?

Appreciate your input, thanks!

Best regards
Endre Leine
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