Voice Memo Recorder for Android

I want to be able to take voice memos on my Android phone (a Motorola Droid
X). Do you have any recommendations?


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    The best free app I have found in the Android Market is "AL Voice Recorder."
    It allows easy recording and playback. On the downside, the sound quality
    was not good, and the interface is less than attractive. But almost all the
    other free programs I attempted to use were either incredibly complicated or
    simply did not work. 

    Voice Recorder was good, and even came with the option to email the voice
    memo to yourself. It was perfect except for one fatal problem: After you record the voice memo,
    you must click through a series of options, enter the email address
    manually in order to save/send it. The point of a voice recorder is to quickly collect
    things when your hands AREN'T free to type. If your hands were free, you'd
    just write it down. So Voice Recorder does not get my vote.

    The Evo phones come with advanced voice recognition software which would
    allow you to send yourself emails, eliminating the need to even have a voice
    recorder on your phone.

    Does anyone else have recommendations for free or paid voice recorder software for Android phones?
  • I think I found the definitive voice recorder for recording tasks for the android. 

    It is a part of "Google Voice Actions".  It allows you to send a text email to your google account by simply speaking what you want.  If you open it up, and say, for example, "Memo to self pick up bananas and oranges at the store", it will create an email on your google account with the text, along with an audio file.

    I then simply take the email it creates, edit it, and send it to Remember the Milk, where it becomes a task.

    Very cool!

    Here is a link, which includes the QR code for installing it, if you have an older phone.  Mine came with it installed.


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