Correct trog settings for reminders and for high and low priority with TRO?

In trogbar initial interview, when I set up trog for TRO it seems to set 'I do tasks on the reminder date/time' but the pop out and some of the text in the fieldguide suggests 'I do tasks on the reminder date' is the correct setting. Which is the current/correct advice? does it make any difference?

Also, there seems some variation in the trog bar set up and field guide about what high and low priority means; e.g. setting up trog for TRO in the initial interview sets high and low priority to mean important and unimportant, but how do these importances fit in with the TRO system with trog? All clarifications and reassurances gratefully received!


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    There is a small difference, that some people find important. 'I do tasks on the reminder date' uses only the date, and ignores the time component of the reminder field. For most people, this is the setting that best reflects how they use the reminder. Occasionally, however, people will use reminders on tasks such that the time of the reminder is also important. For these people, they can use the 'I do tasks on the reminder date/time' setting, which will cause Trog to treat the tasks slightly differently until the actual time arrives, not just the date.

    TRO principles suggest that anything that has a specific time more likely belongs in your calendar, not your task list, so if you are adopting TRO, it would be best to ignore the reminder time, and use your calendar to schedule anything that needs to be done at a specific time (this forces you to visually evaluate whether that time is actually open, with no conflicts).

    I know the priority field is used differently in different TRO setups, so in order to avoid a mistake, I'll let @kcren or Coach Nate answer that part of this.
  • Many thanks,  Bug Slayer, another fast and helpful response!

    It does seem that the default setting for TRO users in Trog for both reminders and priorities is at odds with the pop out help in trog and some of the text and screen shots in field guide and on website - perhaps this could be checked in later versions?

    It would be perfect to have the coaches' input on using priority fields with trog and TRO;  another meaning for priority setting that trog defaults to seems to be 'do soon'/'do later' - how is this supposed to work with TRO? 
  • The best response for Trog is to "Do tasks on reminder date." This is because you do it on that day, not at 8:00 (the default reminder time).

    You can set low priority to "unimportant" if you wish. I prefer it as "someday/maybe," since that is a better use of the field. 

    I would recommend "High" priority as "do today," since this allows you to push tasks to a mobile phone. Most phone apps which sync Outlook tasks will show priority. Most will not show reminder dates or sort by reminder dates.

    Hope that helps.
  • Many thanks,  Nate, helpful as always.

    I have indeed been using low priority as "someday/maybe" which gives a quick way of parking the task, but realised when I did my monthly review using trog that it wasn't picking up these low priority tasks when I selected my 'someday maybe' category for the monthly review.

    Presumably I need to convert all low priority tasks into S/M Someday maybe category for the monthly review, which seems slightly painful, or do the monthly review in outlook? Is there any recommendation? many thanks again.
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    You can create a view in Outlook that will get your monthly review right. Here are the instructions, copied directly out of the TRO Online Training:

    • Make sure that you are viewing your Outlook Tasks.
    • Go to “Define Views” 
      • In Outlook 2003 go to “View” menu > “Arrange by” > “Current View” > “Define Views…”
      • In Outlook 2007 go to “View” menu > “Current View” > “Define Views…”
    • Click on “Simple List” and click “Copy”. Since you were originally modifying the “Simple List” view, things you changed before should still be set.
    • Name the new list “S/M”.
    • Select “This folder, visible only to me” (or “This folder, visible to everyone” if you are using Exchange Server).
    • Click “OK”. The “Customize Current View” window will appear.
    • In “Group By…” change it to “(none)” (don’t group anything), then click “OK”.
    • In “Sort…” change it to “Due Date, Ascending”, then by “(none)”, then click “OK”.
    • Go to “Filter…”
    • Go to the “SQL” tab and check the box “Edit these criteria directly”.
    • Now highlight and copy (Ctrl+C) the following text, including parentheses:
      • ((("urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Keywords" LIKE '%S/M%' OR "urn:schemas:httpmail:importance" = 0) AND NOT "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office#Keywords" LIKE '%Templates%') AND "{00062003-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/811c000b" = 0)

    • Paste (Ctrl+V) the text into the SQL box, replacing ALL existing text.
    • Click all the “OK” buttons until you return to the Tasks view. “S/M” should be one of your new views.
    This should create a S/M view in Outlook which combines the "S/M" category and "Low" priority tasks. 

    Incidentally, this example highlights how powerful--but complicated--Outlook can be.
  • Many thanks,  Nate, 

    I have used Outlook for my monthly review, but it would be good if Trog bar could be configured to search out all (S/M and low priority) parked tasks.

    There are slight differences between Outlook 2007 and 2010 and it would be good if the training and field guide could be updated for this, though it is of course not urgent.
  • I just found this post as I was feeling similar, and had noticed the variance.  However, I am actually STILL stuck (was thinking about using my phone call to clear this up) even with respect to the great detail direction from above, courtesy of coach nate.  I am still however going through issues and I can at least pin point the problem, but I have arrived at no solution.


     I have exchange, and i fear that maybe this is a result of some sort of specificity within the permission settings set by my computer or my settings set by the exchange (on my phone).  However, the following are happening: 

    Currently, I am only able to perform the actions of the previous post by coach_nate with limited function. I am using outlook 2007 and am only able to perform the steps stated above from coach_nate with select capabilities as I encounter an error message if I try making it 'visible to everyone'.   The message I receive is as follows: 

    Outlook cannot correctly save the view.  Any changes you made to the view may be lost.  Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it.

     Attached is the print screen shot of the error dialogue. Outlook only allows me to perform the stated direction from above in the setting of 'visible to me' only, 

    On a slightly separate note: I am still unable to get any of my tasks from outlook/trog (literally nothing) to sync with Todo Ex app on most current iphone.  I believe I had followed all directions as per training and any relevant articles, and also believe that I had made all the correct settings adjustments.  Somehow I feel this problem is relative thus relevant and hope that if I solve these other issues, this may fix itself, as it may be part of a bigger issue.

    Thanks for all feedback, I am in the midst of my first week of school, and these pending issues have stalled my training or organization system.

  • I just switched to 2010, and was wondering if instructions for 2010 similar to the post from Nate are available?
  • smerchant40k - to update - trog bar does now seem to be coping with low priority for S/M tasks for me - I'm not sure why it didn't at first, but it may take time for the index to update properly.

    I have also managed to work out how to adjust and input the instructions in 2010 and 2013, so it can't be that difficult.
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