Sharing TROG with the Assistant

I have been using Trog Bar myself for some years and I am very happy user. 

I have an assistant but and I want to improve my cooperation with her. I will share all my Outlook folders with full rights and I would like to buy TROG license for her. My idea is that she could move mails to Action folders and specify context and time the same way I do. In principle she could pre-work my e-mails and convert them into TROG actions.

Is it possible? Do you have an experience in the setup boss-assistant? I think it would increase my effectiveness very much.


  • This will work if she does not actually process the emails. Processing requires you to make decisions about them based on your priorities, how important you feel some things are, etc. Usually, only you can do that.
    However, she can help. She can delete/unsubscribe from junk emails, separate out obvious things that you may want to read, and create Tasks out of the items that you need to schedule and do. She will do a much better job of saying "no" to some items than you will, probably!
    Then, when you're ready to fully process the remaining tasks, go to Trog Bar Unprocessed Tasks view and scan the list for any "hot" items (need to be done very soon). Fully process those immediately, and skip the others. Later, as you have more processing time, you will process all the rest from the top of the list to the bottom.
    You may want to create a "May Read" folder in Outlook for emails that might be important to read as you have time, but which are not crucial. She can easily place FYI emails there, too.
  • You could also create a special category for anything that you assign to her. If she is not TRO trained, this can be an effective way for her to keep a list of tasks that you delegate to her.
  • Thanks a lot for the good advice. You are right, I cannot delegate the decision about the action but indeed she can be of help in the process. I have started to use it with her and it works well, I created some common sub-folders and she does pre-processing.
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