TROG Bar Setup Problems

Every time I restart my computer, the Trog Bar goes through the initial interview again. I would really like to make Trog remember my choices so it doesn't ask me again at every startup. How do I fix this?


  • edited December 2010
    To solve the problem, these are the things that you could try:
    1) Are you using a registry defender program? If so, try disabling it for one
    session while you complete the initial interview. It should save your settings
    this time.

    2) Are you using a computer imaging program like DeepFreeze? These programs
    restore your computer to the same state each time you reboot and can cause the
    problem you are seeing. Work computers frequently have software like this.

    3) Try re-running the initial interview, paying careful attention to the
    buttons you're pushing. Make sure you press "finish" at the end instead of
    "cancel," as this is an easy mistake to make.

    4) Finally, if none of those solutions work, try running software to assess
    the state of your hard disk drive. This can possibly (rarely) be a sign that
    the hard disk drive is failing. 
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