contexts, task views , Black berry

Can you please advice on following

1. How many contexts/Tags can we per tasks
2. How many types of views can we have for the task lists
3. can I have synchronization with by BB ( BB is not on exchange)


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  • 1. Tags/contexts are unlimited
    2. Views are limited to a predefined set, including TRO/GTD related views, Search, TaskSense (automatic prioritization) and context based views. If you need any other special views (usually very rare) you can always go to Outlook to view your tasks their and sort or filter them specially.
    3. Trog Bar does not synchronize with any other devices. Because it interacts directly with the Outlook data, you can use any BB app that can synchronize with Outlook or Exchange. These apps typically have severe limitations, especially on contexts, so you may likely need to adapt your workflow to match the application you use. The TRO Online Training system and/or a personal coach may be able to help you with this part if you are struggling.

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