What's with all the symbols?

I'm new to Trogbar, and trying to see how I can make it work for me.   So far all I can say is it looks like I may have finally found a tool I can use.  BTW, what's with the Internet Explorer 8 problems with this site?   Seems like I have to run IE8 in compatibility mode or I can't post.  I clicked on Preview and it popped up this windows that wouldn't go away. What a flakey web interface.

So, I notice that there are references to using '@' and '[]'  My question is: why?  Do they mean something special to the software, or it it just something mnemonic for users?  If they have specially meaning to the software, where is that documented?  I do NOT want just a pointer to "this is how you use it" in passing type docs -- I need to understand the software.

And are there other special characters like this as well, that I should understand?   Seems to me I've seen references to using '=' in places.   I get the impression there may be a whole expression syntax I should be aware of.



  • GTD, TRO, and some other time management systems use special characters on some categories/contexts/tags to differentiate them. For example, in TRO the @ character at the front of a tag means that it is for a meeting agenda I.E. @dev would mean "agenda item for dev meeting". In the dev meeting, you would bring up the @dev category, which contains things that needed to be addressed, and outside the dev meeting, Trog would suppress those tasks.

    If you haven't completed the TRO Online Training, you should be able to just ignore this stuff.
  • We'll look into the IE8 issues. Might be a bug in the forum software that we're using. Thanks for letting us know.
  • FYI, it seems to be intermittent.    Just what you wanted to hear, right?


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