The one-folder approach

Trog Bar seems to want be to split my email up into mupltiple separate folders.  I prefer not to do that, because I use searching extensively to find the threads of topics and conversations, and that's easier if I have everything in one place.

Having said that, I certainly agree that using my Inbox as a To Do list is very counterproductive. 

What I would prefer is a way to add email messages to Trog Bar quickly and efficiently, _without_ filing them in separate folder(s).  It occurred to me that simply flagging them with an Outlook Follow Up would work.   Does this make any sense?



  • Repeat the initial interview process. When it comes to the questions about email, select the "I have a system" option each time (should be the the 3rd option). You can use a variety of methods to flag this.
  • Thanks, Bug_Slayer, that sounds good, except I _do_ want to use Trog Bar to handle email-triggered issues,  I want a quick, simple way get them into Trog Bar _without_ messing up my Outlook message filing locations. 

    E.g., as I said, by flagging them for Follow Up, adding Task entries, something along that line.   I actually don't even mind if it put _copies_ of those emails in another folder, like "[Action]" (and what's with those brackets, anyway -- are they just for looks, or something more?), so long as it doesn't completely remove them from my Inbox.

    One of the things I've found confusing about TB so far is that it's relationship with Outlook is not really clearly stated anywhere I've yet seen.


  • Yes, you can set it up exactly this way in the initial interview. You'll give roughly the following as answers to questions after saying that you want it to manage emails:
    1. Yes, you want to manage email
    2. Search for emails only in the inbox
    3. You have a system for marking emails that you want to manage
    4. For your system, you can tell it to manage emails with a flag, or to manage emails with a specific category
  • OK, going though this:

    1. "I use my own system"  (Am I "considering using TRO training?   Dunno, not ruling it out, what happens if I choose wrongly here?   I guess I have a system...)

    2. Would I like Trog to help me manage my email"  No, but I want my email to work with Trog.

    3. Start the free coaching session -- no, not again, thanks.

    And that's all she wrote.   Guess I better go back and lie to it about managing my email.   Last time I did that I got drowned.   Proceeding carefully:

    2. Yes, I want Trog to manage my email.

    3. I have a system for marking mails I need to manage...

    Ahah!   That looks more promising.   I had no idea that was there -- thanks!



  • But now there's a different issue.   It appears Trog is pulling in 70-odd items for not reason I can fathom.   I can see nothing about those email that matches any criteria  can identify. At first I though it was every email anybody sent me that they flagged as "important", but that's not it.   And if I delete them from Trog, it deletes the original emal!  NOT good.   Any ideas how to diagnost this?


  • Whoops, never mind!  Looks like all the messing around confused it -- I wound up sending in a TB crash dump.  But it's looking much better now ;-)   Down to a sane list.


  • No problem Ken,

    Glad you got it sorted! :)
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