Creating the Weekly Review view in Outlook 2010

Despite my best and repeated efforts Outlook to follow the instructions in the TROG Field Guide to set up a Weekly Review view, Outlook always reverts to the following settings:

Columns -  Outlook somehow automatically adds a "Conversation" column
Group by -  Outlook automatically groups by the "Conversation" column
Sort by -  Outlook sorts by "Received", which is not even a field
SQL Filter -  is different on the website than is written in the Field Guide

Is this a bug?  Is there a fix?




  • Sorry, first line should be:  "Despite my best and repeated efforts to follow the instructions in the TROG Field Guide to set up a Weekly Review view, Outlook always reverts to the following settings:
  • Which version of Outlook are you using?

    Are you using Exchange Server? Is it hosted? If so, what company are you working through?

    Knowing which settings you are using will help me to know how to try troubleshooting this one. 
  • Hi Nate.  Using Outlook 2010, no server, just a plain old internet connection.  I think the problem is solved somehow.  I allowed Outlook to add the "Conversation" column, but then changed the Group and Sort as they should be, and it seems to be OK.  I have now even deleted the "Conversation" column after re-booting the computer this morning.  It seems good.

    However, a new issue has appeared.  Now in my Trog Bar I have 805 Unprocessed Tasks, most of them emails which have newly appeared as Tasks.  Is there a way to eliminate the emails from my Tasks?


    Barry Lay
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    [Removed inaccurate comment about not working with Outlook 2010]

    Trog has picked up the contents of one of your email folders and is trying to make tasks out of it. Go into the settings and find the list of folders. You want to change your settings so that the ONLY email folder that TROG uses for tasks is the [Action] folder. This should make the 805 email tasks go away when you restart TROG.
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    Nate and Barry,

    Sorry for weighing in on this so late. Nate has incomplete information.

    Trog works great with Outlook 2010. This has been tested, and we are not aware of any issues specific to Outlook 2010. The only gotcha is that 32 bit software (including Trog Bar) is not able to communicate with 64 bit installations of Outlook, so you must install the 32 bit version of Outlook.

    The advantages of 64 bits aren't really useful for Trog Bar, so no emphasis has been placed on creating a 64 bit build. Outlook itself also gains very little from 64 bits, and nothing generally useful. The main difference is that 64 bit Outlook can have data files larger than 2 GB, but since Outlook and MAPI become sluggish long before 2 GB, this isn't very helpful.
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