Error after install, no default mail client.

I have just installed your trial product to give it a test.

When I go to run it, it comes up with the error "no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request", see the attached screen shot for the error.

I currently have Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed, and this is the only email client, it is also the default email client as well.  It is connected to an Exchange server locally, if that is any help.

Do you have any thoughts about how I can fix this, or something I can check to resolve this problem.


  • Please make sure you installed the full 32 bit version of Outlook. The "click-to-run" versions are incapable of exposing your data to 3rd party applications, and the 64 bit version can't communicate with 32 bit software (such as Trog Bar). You can install the 32 bit version on a 64 bit computer without any trouble or significant limitations.
  • One question, when you say "connected to an Exchange Server locally", do you mean that you have Outlook and Exchange server (the actual server, not the client) running on the same machine? If so, that's your problem. Outlook and Exchange Server cannot be safely run on the same computer, and one of the numerous problems that you can encounter would be an inability for 3rd party software to use the MAPI interface to interact with Outlook.

    To be clear, Trog Bar is perfectly compatible with Exchange Server (we actually recommend using Exchange Server.) The only thing you shouldn't do is install both Outlook and the server itself on the same computer. The server has to be located elsewhere.
  • Sorry I should have used better language there, I meant the Exchange server is on the local network, it is definitely not installed on my PC.

    I don't know if it is worth mentioning but I am running Windows 7(x64) on a 64bit PC.
  • Sorry I missed your previous post, I believe I am running the 64bit version of Office, I assume that would be the problem.  Do you have a 64bit version of your product?
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    We've talked about having a 64bit version, but right now it is 32bit only. You can install the 32 bit version of Outlook on a 64 bit computer without any trouble or significant limitations.
  • Unfortunately we have a standard operating environment and I am unable to install the 32 bit version due to policy, but thank you for your help.
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