TRO Training using Chromatic Dragon, Outlook and Toodledo

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I use Outlook for my training and I use Toodledo/Chromatic Dragon for sync on my Iphone/Ipad.

I have different option to sync between Toodledo and Dragon. Which option do you recommend ?

1 - Map Outlook categories with Toodledo Contexts

2-  Map Outlook categories with Toodledo Folders

And do I choose the option in Toodledo to create Contexts and Folders accordingly.



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    Chromatic Dragon's Outlook categories do not map to Contexts OR folders. Outlook categories = Toodledo tags. 

    In Toodledo you can only assign one folder or context per task. Outlook allows multiple-categorization, the way Toodledo allows multiple tags. 

    This sync tool is designed off the common (but broken) idea that you want to see separate, smaller lists of tasks. This is a problem because you have to check multiple places to make sure you didn't forget anything. With one list and multiple-categorization (or multiple tags) you have ONE list, but you can see similar tasks by selecting the appropriate tag. Very simple. Very powerful.

    For this reason I'm sad to say that Chromatic Dragon probably won't work well to forward Outlook tasks to your mobile device.
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