How to move tasks from Remember the Milk (RTM) to Toodledo

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Some Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO Online) clients have experienced troubles with Remember the Milk (RTM) and have asked for clear instructions on how to convert their tasks over to Toodledo. 

I just sat down and figured out how to clearly and cleanly convert your entire RTM task list to Toodledo without any hiccups or time wasted re-processing your tasks. Yes, this is a monument to how great and wonderful Toodledo really is. 

Migrating tasks from RTM to Toodledo:

1.       Go to this site and follow the directions for exporting tasks from RTM:
You WILL need to change the address to "https://" instead of "webcal"
Save the file to an easy-to-find location

2.       Log in to Toodledo

3.       Go to "tools & services"

4.       Click "configure" in the box labeled "Calendars" (second box, second row)

5.       Where it says "ICS Tasks Import" go ahead and choose the file to upload (the one you downloaded in step 1) and upload it.

6.       You will see a confirmation screen showing all of your tasks in a grid.

7.       Set up Toodledo according to the following instructions.

8.       Make sure that your task list now has the following columns: Context, Start Date, Due Date, Repeat, Length, Priority, Tag, Star, Trashcan

9.       At the top of the screen click "Search" (view by: Search)

10.   You will do a global search/replace to convert your old tasks to the new system. When you complete a search, you will have the option to "multi-edit." This option will appear as a link at the upper-right side of the yellow box after you search. This will allow you to make the same change to all tasks found in this search. 
TO MAKE THE CHANGES STICK, you must click the checkbox next to each field.

11.   Search for the following things, one at a time, and multi-edit them to have the new properties

a.       Search: Priority = 3
Replace: Priority = 0, Start Date = (three weeks from today)

b.      Search: Priority = 2
Replace: Priority = 0, Start Date = (next week)

c.       Search: Priority = 1
Replace: Priority = 0, Start Date = ~three days from now

d.      Search: Tag = Someday/Maybe (or S/M depending on what you used)
Replace: Priority = -1 (clear the tag or don't. It's up to you)

e.      Search for the tag for each of your major life areas (such as .work)
Replace each one (one by one) with an equivalent "context"
If no contexts appear, click "Contexts" on the left-side menu and create these contexts. Then go back, search, and replace.

12.   Your task list is now converted. 


Instead of loosely scheduling using a priority, you will use a Start Date. The Start Date is a loose goal for when you might want to do a task. You do not need to change these during your weekly review. 

Instead of using tags for major life areas, you will use the "context" field. This will enable you to easily have an unprocessed tasks area (any tasks without a context are "unprocessed.")


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