TROG has been freezing lately

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I'm running TROG on a new laptop, XP sp3, Outlook 2007 sp2 and TROG 11/19 version.   It seems that recently TROG has been freezing for up to 2 minutes or so at random times.  I'm assuming that Outlook is doing something (possibly synchronizing email from server using Oracle's connector software) that is holding up TROG until that task is complete.    I'm not sure it's actually the connector since we just switched from an old version to a completely new product/version.

Also, I have noticed (not running beta) that moving between TaskSense and unprocessed or other categories has really slowed down recently (15-20 seconds vs. 1 or 2 seconds previously).

Is there a way to try to figure out what the issue could be?

Thanks and happy holidays...


  • The slowdown and freezes might actually be related. You might have crossed a caching limit or something else with your pst/ost file. Once this gets big, Outlook will start to bog way down. If you installed another extension recently that might also affect this somehow.

    One of the current beta features is designed entirely to make switching lists MUCH faster. This feature has had some bugs and has been unstable for certain users, but we're working out the details and it will be ready for prime time soon.
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